What is ebo?

ebo Chat Preview

ebo is an AI chatbot which is currently disrupting the customer experience industry. It offers:

  • Free Flowing Conversation
  • Natural Language & Tone Detection
  • Contextual Awareness
  • Personalisation & Efficiency
  • Instant Communication & Availability
  • Security & Privacy

ebo is intelligent and highly adaptable. It can automate a huge range of interactions with your customers. Specifically designed to emulate the natural conversational flow of humans.

Messaging apps are prevalent in customer service roles across the globe. ebo works across multiple platforms and devices. Respond to your customers immediately.

Use ebo on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and much more. Implement ebo into your own website, mobile app, and email. Answer your customers on any device, anywhere, at any time. The days of automated human conversations are here, 24/7.

What can ebo do for you?

Improve Customer Services

ebo knows how to correctly answer a question as quickly as possible.

Lower Your Costs

ebo can take care of many day-to-day queries and functions.

Maximise Efficiency

ebo can ask customers if they would prefer to talk to a human.

Personalise Offerings

ebo can personalise a huge number of things, such as offers and recommendations.

Automate Tasks

ebo automates tasks to provide a better service.

Multi-Channel Conversations

ebo chats to your customers on a number of different apps simultaneously.


Communicating accurately and efficiently with customers is at the core of every successful company’s vision. Guide your customers towards finding the right answers and reaching their goals.

Take advantage of natural language
processing, tone detection and bot personalisation. ebo is context aware. It can quickly understand your customers’ needs and wants.


Conversations should be free-flowing, personal and natural. Lead your customers in engaging conversations that model themselves off human interactions.

ebo’s multi lingual functionality can converse in a huge variety of languages.
User-data retrieval provides an individual experience for everyone, while protecting their data with strict privacy settings.


Currently, cross-channel customer services are time-consuming and expensive. Using machine-learning and real-time data access, ebo solves problems much faster, with less margin for error, than any human can.

ebo can automatically
detect spam and ban individuals for set periods of time if needed. Inbuilt workflows allow ebo to upsell, when contextually appropriate, and engage.

ebo, is an extension of your brand. You decide what you want to call it and how you want it to interact with your customers. Think of ebo as the brain of your chatbot. It will receive all the same functionalities, but it will act independently and individually from any other chatbot ever developed before.

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UK Office
10 Foxglove Close, Tutbury,
Staffordshire, DE13 9PR
United Kingdom

Malta Office
Floor 1, Vision Exchange Building,
Territorials Street,
Mriehel, BKR 3000,

Brussels Office
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T(+356) 20105006



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