Chatbots are the future of customer care and human resource services across every single industry. This disruptive technology is already causing a stir on a global scale with many companies looking to significantly improve their operations.

Introducing ebo. An intelligent, charismatic chatbot that has your customers’ and your employees’ best interests at heart. ebo will reduce the amount of time you spend interacting with repetitive queries, meaning you can focus your full attention on providing a higher standard of service across the board.

With vast amounts of automated data, you can more efficiently forecast trends and spot areas where improvements are needed.

ebo offers friendly, automated conversations designed to help its human companions any way it can.


The most important assets of your company are the people behind it, be it your employees or your customers. Communicating accurately and efficiently with these people is at the core of every successful company’s vision. With ebo, you can guide them towards finding the right answers, reaching their goals and solving any problems they may have.

Take advantage of natural language processing, tone detection and bot personalisation. ebo is context aware and can quickly understand your customers’ needs and wants. By picking up on various pain points and offering a solution almost instantaneously, ebo provides the best service possible.

What exactly does this mean? It means ebo offers your customers, or your employees, a completely humanised experience that is an absolute delight for them to converse with. Lead people in engaging conversations that model themselves off human interactions.


Conversations, whether it be with a chatbot or another person, should be free-flowing and natural, personal, and contextual. A conversation with ebo will provide accurate, valuable information based on what the person is looking to achieve. What’s more, ebo is happy to help around the clock meaning queries are always resolved the instant ebo receives them.

ebo can be plugged into your specific domain giving it a huge amount of information about your industry. User-data retrieval from your domain also provides an individual experience for everyone, while protecting their data with strict privacy settings.

ebo really does love talking to humans. Multilingual functionality allows ebo to converse in a huge variety of languages. This allows ebo to have multiple conversations in many different languages, all at the same time.


Currently, cross-channel customer services and HR practices are time-consuming and expensive. Using machine-learning and real-time data access, ebo solves problems much faster, with less margin for error, than any human can. By automating these processes, you will be able to identify the most common questions asked, spot trends and improve on these areas.

ebo can automatically detect spam and ban individuals for set periods of time if needed. You will save time having to detect spam manually and banning these individuals meaning you have more time to add the human touch to conversations that matter.

ebo is also quite the savvy sales representative. Inbuilt workflows allow ebo to automatically upsell, when contextually appropriate, and engage. This means that when the conversation is naturally leaning towards a sale, ebo will close the deal and even offer additional products to complement the sale.

Free Download: Using Intelligent Chatbots to Drive User Engagement

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How can intelligent chatbots be used to drive user engagement? What defines intelligence in a chatbot? Discover how we as humans perceive intelligence in AI and how this perception can be used to drive user engagement to new levels. Download your free copy now.

Improve Customer Services

ebo is one smart bot. It knows how to correctly answer a question as quickly as possible, meaning it keeps your customers happy. Happier customers are easier to retain and are more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

Lower Your Costs

ebo relishes the chance to help humans. It can take care of many day-to-day queries and functions. This means you can save in the long run on operational costs as it requires fewer man hours to help your customers.

Maximise Efficiency

ebo knows a thing or two about efficiency. When ebo feels like one of your employees could better handle a query, it will ask your customers if they would prefer to talk to another human instead.

Personalise Offerings

ebo treats everyone like an individual. This means that it can personalise a huge number of things, such as promotional offers and product recommendations, based on the conversations it has with each customer.

Automate Tasks

ebo loves the repetitive stuff. A lot of the time, you will receive the same queries from a lot of different customers. ebo automates these tasks and even learns from them to provide a better service.

Multi-Channel Conversations

ebo chats to your customers where they feel most comfortable. Nowadays, your customers are more likely to communicate with you through messaging. ebo can interact with them on any number of different apps.

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