Improving Customer Support for Financial Service companies

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What our Virtual Assistants (VAs) help you with:

More onboarding steps means less conversions - use VA-Onboard to start onboarding across all your messaging channels.

Offering 24/7 product and service support, VA-Engage answers 80% of customer enquiries, allowing easy escalation for the rest.

Our VA-AML works to keep your customers in-the-know during AML processes, meaning they stay notified and happy.

Engage better

More conversions

Better AML

We plug into

Your own custom-built software 

Engage your customers better



60-80% of inbound customer enquires are centred around the same recurrent questions.

Speak with your customers 24/7 

Automate FAQs and basic troubleshooting through Artificial Intelligence.

Cut repetitive questions to your contact centres.

Increase your NPS scores.


Our Engagement Virtual Assistant (VA-Engage) helps customer-support teams in Financial Services better manage the influx of customer enquiries.

How VA-Engage works with customers:

24/7 customer support cover

Chat in multiple languages

Spot and reduce customer churn

Onboard your customers quickly



Long onboarding equals high dropoff rates.


Be like your customers - get your customers to tell you their key details in conversation. 

Improve your conversion rate - lower your drop off rates to give your conversion rates a big boost.

Integrate your marketing channels into your platform by making them the real start of the signup funnel.


Improve your AML funnel



The entire AML process is a massive pain point for your customers

3 big reasons to use EBO’s AML Virtual Assistant (VA-AML):

Improve delays 

Improve customer satisfaction 

Reduce manpower


VA-AML immediately kicks into action when a user is flagged for AML and directly contacts the customer through a friendly chat.

Cut repetitive questions to your contact centres  VA-AML explains the situation and assists the customer in sending in the correct documents.

These are queued up for the compliance / operations team, who either quickly reject or accept the documents. If your AML workflow is automated, VA-AML can connect to that.


How VA-AML works to help your CS team:

VA-AML coordinates with the customer until the AML gate is passed and the withdrawal is made by the customer.