Learn how Financial Institutions are using AI to save 50-80% a year on Customer Support team costs 

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What our Virtual Agents (VAs) help you with:

Engage better

More conversions

Better AML

Offering 24/7 product and service support, VA-Engage answers 80% of customer enquiries, allowing easy escalation for the rest.

More onboarding steps means less conversions - use VA-Onboard to start onboarding across all your messaging channels.

Our VA-AML works to keep your customers in-the-know during AML processes, meaning they stay notified and happy.

We plug into

Your own custom-built software 


Engage your customers better



60-80% of inbound customer enquires are centred around the same recurrent questions.

Speak with your customers 24/7 

Our Engagement Virtual Agent (VA-Engage) helps customer-support teams in Financial Services better manage the influx of customer enquiries.

Automate FAQs and basic troubleshooting through Artificial Intelligence.

Cut repetitive questions to your contact centres.

Increase your NPS scores.

How VA-Engage works with customers:

24/7 customer support cover

Chat in multiple languages

Spot and reduce customer churn


Onboard your customers quickly



Long onboarding equals high dropoff rates.


Be like your customers - get your customers to tell you their key details in conversation. 

Improve your conversion rate - lower your drop off rates to give your conversion rates a big boost.

Integrate your marketing channels into your platform by making them the real start of the signup funnel.


Improve your AML funnel



The entire AML process is a massive pain point for your customers


How VA-AML works to help your CS team:

VA-AML immediately kicks into action when a user is flagged for AML and directly contacts the customer through a friendly chat.

Cut repetitive questions to your contact centres  VA-AML explains the situation and assists the customer in sending in the correct documents.

These are queued up for the compliance / operations team, who either quickly reject or accept the documents. If your AML workflow is automated, VA-AML can connect to that.

VA-AML coordinates with the customer until the AML gate is passed and the withdrawal is made by the customer.

3 big reasons to use EBO’s AML Virtual Agent (VA-AML):

Reduce manpower

Improve customer satisfaction 

Improve delays 

What Our Clients Say...

Mark Micallef



Chief Financial officer

We are at a pivotal moment in the banking sector. Digital-banks are on the rise with savvy cross-platform services that challenge the nature of our industry. At BNF we pride ourselves in being adaptable and ambitious, we are forge lasting relationships with customers through tailor-made products and services. Most importantly, we listen to their needs. We are investing in technology that helps us get closer to the community that we serve, offering improved customer experiences. We’ve chosen EBO.ai as a partner to support our journey of incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our core business offering. 

Peter Bugeja

Head of Technology Solutions & Digital

Insurance companies are a pivotal stage of the industry's development. AI technology is starting to disrupt the orthodox nature of business processes. MAPFRE Middlesea is a customer-centric organisation and we continually seek new and better ways to serve our customers. We've chosen EBO.ai as a partner to help us adopt innovative technology that allows us to scale and deliver services more efficiently and effectively for our customers. 

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