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3 benefits of Virtual Agents in Insurance:

Improving your customer satisfaction

Reducing customer service costs

Increasing revenue

Leading to increased retention and Lifetime Value (LTV).

This is done by reducing the calls in and automating end-to-end processes.

Reduce online dropout and promote up-sell and cross-sell at every opportunity.

We plug into

Your own custom-built software 

Use case 1

Conversational knowledge bases



Customers often quickly struggle to find the information they need in knowledge bases or static FAQs. 

A Virtual Agent that stays with the customer through the whole journey. 

When called upon it is able to assist the customer with the right information at the right time.

Automate FAQs and basic troubleshooting through Artificial Intelligence

Cut repetitive questions to your contact centres  

Increase your NPS scores

Key benefits

Reduces the volume of calls by up to 50-70% for general queries

Allows you to respond to customer queries 24/7 in whichever language your customer speaks

Provides the foundation to build automated customer service processes

Reduce the operating cost of a call-centre

Use case 2

Make every contact a potential sales opportunity



As more customer interactions occur offline there are fewer opportunities for a human to upsell and cross sell products

Never have an off day - using AI and historical data, EBO’s Virtual Sales Agent’s are able to detect the potential for cross-selling or up-selling of products

A Virtual Sales Agent can be plugged into other dialogues in order to sell additional products and policies. It collects demographic data and builds propensity models to personalise the sales journey 

Use case 3

Enable your customer to manage their own policies



Customers are often unable to manage their policy online

Implement a Virtual Agent who can first authenticate and then help customers self-serve the changes they need to make to their policies.
This is all done without the need to revert to calling in via a phone. 

Managing a policy

Renewing a policy

Cancelling a policy

3 main benefits

Creates x-sell and upsell opportunities

Reduced inbound call and live chat volumes

Increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Use case 4

 Helping a customer make a claim



The cost of managing claims is a key cost centre, and one where automation can deliver significant benefits.

Start the claim's process through a Virtual Agent on your website or from a Social Media channels such as Facebook. 

Use a Virtual Agent to capture the initial claim data and documentary evidence. 

The Virtual Agent can compile and validate the data, before handing it over to your claims centre, whilst setting clear expectations with the customer.

Other use cases

Cancelling a policy

Scheduling a call back

Use a Virtual Agent to catch your customers before they’ve made the final decision to cancel.

When a Virtual Agent is unable to resolve a customer's query or issue, and agents are offline, the VA schedules a date and time with the customer to be called by an agent. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduced call volumes
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased CSAT/NPS

Benefits include:

  • Workflow efficiency in operations
  • Reduced inbound call volumes
  • Increased CSAT/NPS

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Peter Bugeja

Head of Technology Solutions & Digital

Insurance companies are a pivotal stage of the industry's development. AI technology is starting to disrupt the orthodox nature of business processes. MAPFRE Middlesea is a customer-centric organisation and we continually seek new and better ways to serve our customers. We've chosen EBO.ai as a partner to help us adopt innovative technology that allows us to scale and deliver services more efficiently and effectively for our customers.