Why Partner with ebo?

ebo’s machine learning and sentiment analysis capabilities, as well as its natural language processing, makes it one of a kind. The hard work is done, the only thing left for you to do is reap the rewards. Discover Human Conversations, Automated.

Generate brand new revenue streams and differentiate your current offering, take advantage of discounts on licences and increase your portfolio of professional services. ebo partners receive an unprecedented amount of support and guidance. Utilise multiple marketing benefits to drive your sales faster with higher customer satisfaction.

As an official ebo partner you will recieve a comprehensive range of benefits and access to information that can be utilised to build a strong in-house knowledge base, tailored to your business needs.

Partner Benefits


Receive technical and biz-dev training about ebo which will help you maximise the sales potential of this product.


Utilise ebo partner branding and display ebo accreditations and certifications earned.


Gain access to a dedicated account manager, pre-sales support and an excellent 24/7 IT Help Desk.


Access dedicated funds to support ebo events in your region, acquisition campaigns and PPC activity.

ebo Gold

As a Gold Partner, your expertise in analysing and advising potential clients will become part of the strategy to ensure the best technological choices possible.

  • Online Training
  • Marketing Resources

ebo Platinum

As a Platinum Partner, you will be setting up an appropriate sales strategy in line with your geographical area.

  • Online Training
  • Partner Branding and Logo Usage
  • Marketing Resources
  • Bespoke Content Development
  • Presales availability
  • PPC campaigns to generate qualified leads given to partners
  • Integrate leads into CRM system
  • Participation and organisation of territory events
  • Technical Support
  • Accreditation & Certification Program
  • Joint Marketing Activities
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lead Share and Lead Generation

ebo Distribution

As an ebo channel partner, you will be expected to provide consultation, design and training in addition to successfully selling custom, bespoke chatbots to potential clients.

  • Online Training
  • Marketing Resources
  • Bespoke Content Development
  • Presales availability
  • Accreditation & Certification Program
  • Joint Marketing Activities
  • Regional / Sectorial exclusivity
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lead Share and Lead Generation

Take your first step with ebo

Get in touch today by filling in the partner application below. Guide us with your plans and ideas for ebo so we can gain an understanding of what you will need to best demonstrate this innovative technology to your potential customers. Once you register, you will receive a call from a dedicated account manager to have a brief chat with you on how you can work with and take advantage of ebo.

Set your ebo Account

Your partnership is as much a part of ebo as we are. Your dedicated account manager and our comprehensive team of technical experts will work hand in hand with you to ensure you offer a service you are truly proud of.

ebo Features

Provide your customers with the most innovative chatbot solution available and drive customer experience to incredible new heights.
The features are limitless. There are no restrictions to what you can offer your customers. You decide the experience and we will design it.

Consistent Growth

ebo experts are constantly working on enhancing the platform, integrating new channels and developing new AI functions.
As an ebo partner, you will be the first to hear about exciting features on the roadmap. You will also be the first to be able to offer these innovative features to your customers.

Unparalleled Guidance

New to chatbots? That’s OK. You will receive full guidance throughout the entire process, with additional support and marketing material. Improve your skills to master marketing new solutions, as well as understanding the benefits that they can provide to clients.

Become a Partner

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UK Office
10 Foxglove Close, Tutbury,
Staffordshire, DE13 9PR
United Kingdom

Malta Office
Floor 1, Vision Exchange Building,
Territorials Street,
Mriehel, BKR 3000,

Brussels Office
Avenue d’Auderghem, 289
B-1040 Brussels,

T(+356) 20105006



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